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Put your money to work

If you have savings that you know you won’t need for a little while, a Share Certificate of Deposit (CD) is the way to go. In exchange for holding your money for at least three months, you’ll get an even better interest rate than you would on a savings or money market account. You can still access the money in your CD if you really need it, but you’ll pay an interest penalty if you withdraw it before your term ends.

Open A CD  CDs $1k-10k are available online. For CDs $10k and higher, please call us or visit a branch.


Our CD rates recently increased! We have great options for regular and jumbo-priced CDs. For a limited time, open a 1-year CD and enjoy 3.56% APY*

Get Started  *Annual Percentage Rate. See Certificate Disclosure for complete rate details.

Harness the Power of Automatic SAVINGS

One easy way to grow your money market faster is to set up an automatic transfer from each paycheck into your money market account. Since the money isn’t going into your checking account, you won’t miss it and you’ll be making steps toward securing your financial future.

What is Reg D?

Regulation D (Reg D) is a federal law that limits the number of certain types of withdrawals you can make from your savings and money market accounts. Currently, that limit is six withdrawals per month, unless you make them at a branch, at an ATM, by mail or messenger, or by phone where a check is mailed to your address of record. You can also make unlimited transfers to Seattle Credit Union loans.

Once you reach your withdrawal limit, you may be prevented from making further withdrawals or be assessed a fee for future withdrawals.

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Current Rates

CDs: 2.28%-3.82% APY*
Savings Accounts:
Money Markets: 0.10%-0.60% APY*
IRA CDs: 2.28%-3.82% APY*
IRA Savings: 0.20% APY *

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) effective as of March 15, 2023. See disclosures for tiers and complete details.

See All Rates Open A CD

Deposit calculator

Use this calculator to help you plan your savings.

Compare Savings Products

Product Minimum Balance Monthly Service Fee Withdrawals Required for Memberships Ability to Write Checks Minimum Term
CD $1,000 None Subject to interest penalty during term No No 6 Months
Savings Account None None Up to 6 per Month Yes No None
Money Market $1,000 None Up to 6 per Month No Yes None

What Our Members Say

Zach B.

Their staff has been great to work with. They've made my banking quick and easy. Great support and they follow up with my inquiries. Definitely will be doing business again with Seattle Credit Union for my future financial needs!

Reed L.

Great local credit union. They also do shared branching with other credit unions around the country, so you can always find a convenient place if you want to do your banking in person.

Kath C.

Awesome service and always there to answer your questions. I love the staff at the Lynnwood branch. Thank you so much.

Zainab S.

Seattle credit union was very quick in setting me up with an account. I worked with Sarah who was good spirited, cheerful, and ready to help! I enjoy banking with Seattle Credit Union.

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Por favor llame al 206.398.5594 para comunicarse con nuestros representantes que hablan Español a fin de obtener detalles o si tiene preguntas.

We make opening your account fast.

Opening an account with Seattle Credit Union could not be more simple. There are three easy ways to get started:

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By Phone

Call one of our friendly member representatives, who are happy to answer any questions you might have. They can help explain products and talk you through the opening process. Call 206.398.5500 to get started.

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When you are ready to open an account, you can head over to our online application. Answer a few short questions, hit submit, and you’ll usually have an answer in just a few minutes.

in person

In Person

Stop by any of our convenient branches to talk with our helpful, friendly member representatives. They can help you figure out which product is right for you and get your accounts opened quickly.

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