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Dog Friendly Spots in the Greater Seattle Area

Seattle is obsessed with its pets. With more dogs in the city than children, it’s easy to see why Seattle continues to be a dog-lover’s top city of choice. From nearby parks to enjoy, countless trails to explore, and more businesses welcoming canine companions into their spaces, the love is apparent. Offices are jumping on the dog-friendly bandwagon, with more and more workspaces allowing employees to bring their four-legged besties to work. Take Amazon Headquarters for example, where 6,000 pups join their owners at work.

Evidence has proven that animal-human interactions reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness as they enhance social support and overall well-being. Similar to a home setting, workplace dogs provide their owners and office-mates these same benefits including companionship, increased social interaction, plus a fun, relaxing outlet that can lead to increased productivity and concentration on the job.

So, if you have a dog already or are considering ownership or adoption, don’t think you’ll be stuck inside. If you’re unsure about a venue, remember to call ahead and ask. Always keep your dog on a leash and be courteous to those around you. 

Below are a few of our favorite dog-friendly spots around town:

Coffee shopS | RestaurantS

Enjoy a cup of jo with your favorite pooch.

Tip: Many places not listed above have patios that will gladly allow your dog to sit with you, but it is always a good decision to call ahead and make sure.


It’s too hot to leave your dog in the car, cool down together at the following brewery options.

Tip: Breweries are typically dog-friendly, some aren't though because of open-fermentation.


Bring your shopping buddy with you!



If you're looking for parks and hikes, here's our outdoor guide for dogs in Washington State.

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