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It's about freedom

If you believe the ads, having a car is about soft leather, a powerful engine, and a shiny coat of paint, but we believe car ownership is about something much more fundamental; it’s about freedom.

At Seattle Credit Union, we understand that an auto loan is more than just money to buy a car. It’s also about making sure that your car stays on the road, so you can always take advantage of whatever type of freedom having a car means to you.

That’s why we offer add-on loan products, like GAP, Mechanical Breakdown Protection, and Debt Protection to help you keep your car and loan running if something unexpected happens. It’s also why we offer a rate discount for environmentally friendly cars, so you can take advantage of the freedoms of the car and still reduce your impact on the planet.

Whether you are buying or refinancing, we understand what having a car means, and we can help you find the sweet spot where loan, car, and support meet to give you the freedom to live your most prosperous financial life.

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Are you curious about how much loan you can qualify for, but don't want to go through the full application process?

With our quick and easy pre-qualification tool, we can show you the loan amount you qualify for quickly, with no vehicle information needed. Five minutes is all it takes for most customers to complete our online pre-qualification.

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Current Rates

Up To 36 Months: As low as: 6.74% APR*
Up To 48 Months: As low as: 6.99% APR*
Up To 60 Months: As low as: 7.24% APR*
Up To 72 Months: As low as: 7.49% APR*
Up To 84 Months: As low as: 7.99% APR*

*APR effective as of September 19, 2023. See rates and disclaimers in full details here.

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Auto Loan Calculator

Use this calculator to help you estimate your payments and the amount of interest you'll pay on your auto loan.

The information provided by this calculator is intended for illustrative purposes only. You may wish to consult a financial advisor for additional information and advice prior to relying on the results. Seattle Credit Union gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of any information. The calculated results are not guaranteed to be accurate. Calculators are provided as a free service to our users. The results are not to be construed as an offer to extend credit or services to any individual by Seattle Credit Union.


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We Wrote the Book on Auto-Buying

If you’re not sure where to start when you’re ready to buy a car, let us help. We’ve been helping members like you for decades. In fact, we’ve written a free guide to help you navigate your way to your next new car. We can also get you pre-approved for a loan before you go to the dealer, so you know exactly how much car you can afford. So download the Auto-buying guide today and feel confident during your search. Or you can also talk to one of our friendly loan specialists to have your auto-buying questions answered.

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Free Up Extra Money Every Month by Refinancing Your Auto Loan

Some folks don’t realize that they can refinance their car loan. They’re missing out. Refinancing can be a great way to reduce your monthly payment, shorten your term, and even turn your car’s equity into cash. If you have a car loan somewhere else, talk to Seattle Credit Union about the benefits auto refinancing.

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Enjoy the Freedom to Skip a Payment

We have all experienced the headache of an unexpected expense like an unforeseen car repair or a medical expense. Sometimes that means choosing between paying that expense or paying a car payment. Seattle Credit Union can help you avoid that choice.

Every Seattle Credit Union auto loan comes with Skip-A-Pay, which allows you to skip up to two payments every 12 months when you need to. For a small processing fee, you can request to skip a payment with no negative impact to your credit report.

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Green Loan Discount

If you're in the market for a hybrid-electric or electric car because you want to fight pollution and reduce greenhouse gases, we would like to thank you by offering a .25% discount off of our already low auto loan rates (currently as low as 6.74%). Have questions about our green auto loan discount? Call our auto loan experts at 855.575.9352.

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We offer application flexibility:

Apply with a Social Security Number or ITIN

Whether you are looking to get a credit card; buy a car, truck, SUV; or even finance a boat or RV, Seattle Credit Union has options for applying with a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). We offer the same great products with lower rates and fewer fees than you'll find at most dealerships or banks regardless of how you apply. Let us help you finance your next major purchase. If you are ready to get started, talk to a friendly lending expert today by calling us at 855.575.9352.

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Por favor llame al 206.398.5594 para comunicarse con nuestros representantes que hablan Español a fin de obtener detalles o si tiene preguntas.

Protect Your Loan, Your Car, & Your Good Name

The world is unpredictable. We know that accidents happen, cars break down at the worst time, and illnesses spring up that can prevent you from working. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be happy that you have one of these add-on loan protection products from Seattle Credit Union. Ask one of our friendly auto loan experts about how to add one, two, or all three of these products to your loan by calling 855.575.9352

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GAP Advantage

If your car is totaled in an accident, your insurance may not cover the entire balance of your loan, especially if your car is brand new. To make up the difference, we offer GAP Advantage coverage, which can cover whatever is left after your insurance company cuts their check.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection icon

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

MBP, also called Extended Warranty, can enhance and even replace the original manufacturer’s warranty and can cover breakdowns and repairs, so you don’t have to stretch your budget when your car is in the shop.

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Debt Protection

If you get hurt or get sick and can’t work, the last thing you may think about is your car payment. Debt Protection makes sure you don’t have to worry about it. When you are laid up for an extended period of time, Debt Protection can cover your payment until you are back up and around and able to return to work. Some plans can even cover periods of involuntary unemployment.

Apply Now. Get Answers Fast.

Getting your loan at Seattle Credit Union could not be more simple. There are three easy ways to apply:

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By Phone

Call our specially-trained loan experts, who are happy to answer any questions you might have. They can take your application and get you a decision while you wait, in most cases. Call 855.575.9352 to get started.

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When you are ready to apply, head over to our online loan application to get started. Answer a few short questions, hit submit, and you’ll usually have an answer in just a few minutes.

in person

In Person

Stop by any of our convenient branches to talk with our helpful, friendly branch representatives. They can help you figure out which loan is right for you and connect you with a loan expert or help you apply online to get you a decision fast.

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