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Welcome to the new

preview of the new seattle credit union website

We’re working to make Seattle Credit Union better – and easier to use.

We know how much you value a fast, responsive banking experience. After all, great banking isn’t just about the right products or services – it also includes the technology that moves you along on your journey to prosperity. That’s why we have updated our website to improve accessibility across all devices and the overall member experience.

We’ve made many of these changes based on member feedback. The updated design and layout includes an improved search function, as well as more intuitively organized content and navigation that will make it easier to find what you’re looking for. And, it’ll deliver an optimized, mobile-responsive experience for all visitors.

For even more convenience, you’ll be able to log in to Online Banking from any page of the website, as the login button has moved to the top right of every page.

We’ve worked to make this update seamless for you. The new look and feel is only applied to the website content and does not change the Mobile App, Online Banking, or how you manage your accounts.

Why did we update the website?

Over the years the credit union has seen significant increases in the number of visits to our website, along with some big changes in the types of devices that are used to access it. These changes, along with the number of products, services, and resources offered at Seattle Credit Union, are some of the biggest reasons behind the update. 

The new design will make all of the information you need, easier to find, with a seamless experience across all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. There are also improvements built-in for visitors who experience color-blindness or browse the site with the assistance of a screen-reader.

These things remain the same

Online Banking and our mobile app will not be changing as a result of the website update. You’ll be able to access your accounts, pay bills, make transfers, and manage your finances digitally just like you do today.

  • Online Banking – Once you log in from the updated website, Online Banking looks, feels, and functions just as it has for the past year.
  • Seattle Credit Union mobile app for iOS and Android – No changes are being rolled out to the mobile app as a part of the website update.

New enhancements and features

In addition to content and navigation enhancements, we've also worked hard to make the experience better by implementing some new tools as a result of member feedback, including:

  • Enhanced Site Search: The site search and knowledge-base features are now combined. This makes searching for information such as “How to log in to online banking?”, “How to apply for a Skip-A-Pay?”, and “How to reset your password?” much easier, as you’ll no longer be directed to a secondary support site. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, we’ve included a form that will direct your question to the appropriate support staff in an effort to get you an answer as quickly as possible.
    preview of the new search tool
  • Rates: Rates will be more accessible via all product pages. So if you are on a page for a savings account, auto loan, a credit card, or a mortgage product, you’ll be able to see a sample of the rates and/or a link to pull up the rates table.
    preview of auto loan page
  • Interactive Calculators: To help improve your understanding of products and the research experience, we’ve added a series of interactive calculators. They are not only easy to use, but they’re completely responsive across all major devices.preview of the calculator on the ipad
    • Budget Planner: A calculator for adding up your income and expenses so you can stay on top of your finances.
    • Deposit Planner: See how much your investment will be worth based on the rate of return, length of time, and investment amount.
    • Auto, Boat, RV, and Personal Loan Calculator: Whether you are looking into a loan to buy a car, boat, RV, bike, computer, or other personal purchase, this calculator can help you estimate your payments and the amount of interest you'll pay.
    • Citizenship Loan Calculator: This can be used to figure out how much payments will be when taking out a special type of loan we created to help cover the costs associated with applying for citizenship in the United States of America.
    • Home Loan Payment Calculator: See how much your potential home payment could be depending on the purchase price, down payment, rate, and other factors like taxes and insurance. Home Loan Comparison Calculator: Use this to compare two different home loans to help estimate the best deal for you and your family.
    • Home Loan Borrowing Power Calculator: Estimate the purchase price you can afford when shopping for a home.
    • Equity Loan Payment Calculator: See how much your potential equity loan payment could be based on rate, term, product, and loan amount.
    • Equity Loan Comparison Calculator: This can be used to compare two different equity loans to help estimate the best deal for your unique situation.
  • Easier Mobile Use: Responsiveness and navigation on mobile devices and tablets have been improved to provide information in a clear and easy to scroll though format. Specifically for our mobile device users, we’ve made it simpler to call our Contact Center or look for a location by adding two specific buttons to the bottom of every page so these actions are just one click away.
    mockup of locations page on a mobile device

Our commitment to our members

As the world continues to change and technology advances, we are committed to offering our members the best possible financial products and services. This includes the tools and channels you use every day to interact with the credit union and to access your accounts. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback and work to deliver on our promise of being a partner in growth and prosperity for our members.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know here. Thank you for your membership.

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