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Protection When You Need It

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we overdraw our checking account. That can lead to the frustration of paying multiple fees, as well as the potential embarrassment of explaining to the person we paid what happened and replacing the check. The entire process can be a time-consuming hassle.

When your checking account and electronic transactions are protected with Seattle Credit Union's Account Backup and Overdraft Privilege, you can avoid most of those problems.

Account Backup

Account Backup is your first line of defense in dealing with accidental overdrafts. With Account Backup you select another of your Seattle Credit Union deposit accounts or lines of credit from which we will automatically transfer funds, for a fee or finance charge, if your primary checking account doesn't have enough to cover an item. Overdraft lines of credit are subject to credit approval. The fee or finance charge you pay for an Account Backup transfer is usually less than you would pay for an overdraft or non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee.

Overdraft Privilege

Overdraft Privilege can allow you to overdraw your account for a fee up to a predetermined limit. When you have Overdraft Privilege, we may draw your account negative to pay your item instead of returning it to the payee. Overdraft Privilege is available even if you already have Account Backup.

If you are 18 years or older and your Seattle Credit Union accounts are in good standing, you automatically qualify for Standard Overdraft Privilege. You can also protect your everyday debit card and ATM transactions by opting-in to Extended Overdraft Privilege.

See the table below for information about what transactions are covered by Standard and Extended Overdraft Privilege.

Transactions Covered by Overdraft Privilege Standard Coverage
(No Action Required)
Extended Coverage
(Your Consent Required*)
ACH - Auto Debits
Recurring Debit Card Payments
Online Bill Pay Items
Telephone Banking
Teller Window Transactions
ATM Withdrawals Not Covered with Standard Coverage ✓**
Everyday Debit Card Transactions Not Covered with Standard Coverage ✓*

To enroll in Extended Overdraft Protection or to opt-out of Overdraft Privilege entirely, you can contact us at 206.398.5500, stop by a branch, complete the online consent form within Online Banking, or send us a message by logging into Online Banking and clicking “Messages” in the main menu.


Service Cost
Account Backup Linked to Another Deposit Account You Have at Seattle Credit Union1 $5 per transfer, per day 
Account Backup Line of Credit2 Finance charge varies based on your line of credit
Overdraft Privilege $28 per item*

Call us at 206.398.5500, send us a message, or come by a branch to sign up or apply for these services. 

2 Line of Credit is subject to credit approval.

* Limit of (6) fees per day

** ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions are subject to $28/item

Avoiding Overdrafts

While our overdraft services can cover accidental overdrafts to make sure your important checks and electronic transactions are not rejected, relying on them as a borrowing source can create problems. Overdrafts, even when paid, can be expensive. Overdraft Privilege is not a line of credit; it is a discretionary overdraft service that can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

Creating and sticking with a budget that accounts for both the amount and timing of your income, as well as your monthly expenses, and keeping track of your spending can help you avoid overdrafts and the fees associated with them.

Using our mobile app and Online Banking services can help you stay on top of your spending. If you need help building a budget or managing existing overdrafts, call us at 206.398.5500 or stop by any branch.

Additional Resources

For additional details about Account Backup, Overdraft Privilege, and our Checking accounts, please review these helpful documents.

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Sign up for overdraft services at anytime by coming into one of our branch locations or by calling the number below.

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See our tips for avoiding overdraft fees on your accounts.