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We Offer Application Flexibility

Apply with a Social Security Number or ITIN

Whether you are looking to get a credit card; buy a car, truck, SUV; or even finance a boat or RV, Seattle Credit Union has options for applying with a Social Security number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). We offer the same great products regardless of how you apply. Let us help you finance your next major purchase. If you are ready to get started, talk to a friendly lending expert today by applying online or calling us at 855.575.9352.

See our Loans page for more details, or go directly to our Application page when ready to get started!

ITIN Auto Loans

Having a car can mean the freedom to take a better job twenty miles from home instead of staying put because the public transit schedule makes that round trip more than three hours a day. It can be the freedom to take advantage of the savings power of buying groceries in bulk rather than only buying what you can carry on the walk home. At Seattle Credit Union, we believe everyone have the rights to enjoy this freedom. With an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), you have access to all our car loans and refinancing plans.

See our Auto Loan page for full details.

ITIN Mortgage Loans

Seattle Credit Union wants everyone in our community to have access to quality financial products, including mortgages. That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer home loans to our members who have Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) instead of Social Security Numbers. This program allows members who have lived and worked in the community for a minimum of two years to enjoy the homeownership dream. We meet face-to face with applicants to take their application and walk them through the financing process, so they won’t have any surprises. And, as part of the application, we help first-time home buyers build their knowledge of the home-buying process. As Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity, we are excited to offer this product to our community.

See our ITIN Mortgage page for full details.



At Seattle Credit Union we work hard to support everyone in our community in their financial journey. If you do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) and are looking to secure an ITIN, we can help you. Our certified acceptance agents can verify people's supporting documentation and assist in answering any questions you may have.

See our ITIN Application Assistance page for full details.




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