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Financial Inclusion

Seattle Credit Union is committed to supporting our community by offering financial products and programs built for a diverse population, including those who have traditionally been underserved by our financial system. Whether you are looking for a loan, a credit card or something else, our representatives can help you figure out which products will move you closer to your financial goals. Visit the pages below for more information on some of the unique financial programs that Seattle Credit Union offers:



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ITIN Programs

We offer the same great products whether you apply with a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).



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New Start: Building Credit

Whether you’re new in town or right out of school and just starting out, establishing your first credit building relationship and developing good habits are important. Seattle Credit Union has created the programs you need to get started on the road to prosperity.



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Restart: Repairing Credit

Seattle Credit Union understands that sometimes bad credit happens to good people. We can help you strengthen your credit and get back to managing life’s expenses.



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Citizenship Loans

To help finance the path to US citizenship, we offer citizenship loans to cover the costs associated with this process.



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Secured Visa

This credit card is secured by your own funds and can help you improve your credit score as you pay on time and build a positive payment history. You set the credit limit, deposit funds in that amount into a Seattle Credit Union savings account and we hold the funds while the card is open. Then you use the card just like any other credit card.