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Credit Cards

A credit card can be an important part of managing your financial life. Using a credit card for everyday purchases has a number of benefits that you won’t get from your checking account. Such as:

  • A Better Credit Score: When you use your credit card and pay it off each month, you are building a positive payment history. That can help maintain or improve your credit score.
  • Easy Expense Tracking: Using a credit card creates an easy-to-read monthly recap of your expenses in the form of your statement. You’ll see each merchant you purchased from and the amount you spent. That can help you understand where your money is going each month, which is one of the first steps in building an effective budget.
  • Rewards: The primary reason most people use credit cards, rewards can be an extra bonus you get for buying the things you use every day. Earn rewards points for your purchases and redeem them for travel, merchandise, and even cash.

Seattle Credit Union has a credit card product for just about everyone. From our Platinum Visa® Rewards Credit Card, which gives you a generous credit limit at a low interest rate with no annual fee and a top-notch rewards program to our Secured Visa Credit Card, which provides a credit line secured by funds you have on deposit and can be a great way to build or reestablish credit. No matter what kind of credit card you need, Seattle Credit Union is the place to find it.