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Seattle Credit Union's Employer Partner program helps reduce employee stress through financial education. We offer an employee benefit with financial opportunities.

As an Employer Partner you receive personalized benefits and services from a dedicated Business Development Specialist (BDS). Our BDS's are experts in providing financial education and onsite resources to your employees. These efforts will reduce employee stress and allow for a more productive and happy employee.

Call us today at 206.398.5500 or toll-free at 800.334.2489 to learn more about the benefits we can offer your employees.

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Free Financial Education Workshops

We believe that employees who are in control of their finances are able to be more productive in the workplace. Our financial education program helps employees answer the financial questions they have always had. We cover a variety of topics and have the ability to create a custom seminar based on your needs. Some of the seminars we frequently offer are:

  • Building a Better Budget
  • Drive Away Happy
  • Identity Theft
  • Psychology of Spending
  • Solving the Mystery of the Credit Report
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis
  • College Financing 101
  • 10 Steps to Financial Success
  • Plastic Surgery: Getting Out of Debt
  • Getting the Most from Social Security
  • 10 Proven Strategies to Help Secure your Financial Future

Want to schedule a workshop for your employees? Reach out using the form below, or give us a call at 206.398.5500 or toll-free at 800.334.2489.

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Become an Employer Partner

Are you a business owner or Human Resources professional? If so, we'd love to partner with you. Seattle Credit Union's Employer Partner program helps reduce employee stress through financial education. We offer an employee benefit with financial opportunities.

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Meet The Team

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to help you and your employees, and to build quality relationships with each of our Employer Partners.

Call Us: 206.398.5500

Barney Herrera

Barney Herrera

VP of Strategic Partnerships

With Seattle Credit Union Since: 2017
Hobbies: Traveling, fantasy football, and cooking.
Favorite Food: Filipino Food
Favorite Financial Tip: Start an emergency fund for unforeseen events. Research from the Federal Reserve found that too many families are just one emergency away from a financial disaster.

Bio: Barney Herrera is proof that you can always go home again—and do important things. After eight years as a grad student and professional in New York and Las Vegas—where he found himself negotiating against people for large employers—he’s excited to be back in Seattle. Now he works to connect with people, building partnerships that help Seattle Credit Union provide relevant and innovative banking services. Barney’s network is an “everybody network,” not a “good old boys network,” and it helps… well, everybody.

Many Seattle Credit Union members have lived the immigrant experience. So has Barney; as a boy he even translated for family members. A Bachelors and two Masters degrees later, he uses that experience to find partners that align with Seattle Credit Union’s mission and vision. First and foremost Barney seeks to understand rather than to be heard. Out in Seattle’s various communities, Barney and his team have learned their unique needs—especially that personal finance is almost always at the root of problems in underserved and unbanked groups. Then he can bring cutting-edge, inclusive banking products and creative solutions to partner organizations and their clients. That’s why Seattle Credit Union can show up where financial institutions traditionally don’t, but are sorely needed.

Now that Barney’s back in Washington, he’s enjoying the outdoors and the rain—he missed the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty in New York and felt “dried out” in Las Vegas. His two boys are enthusiastic athletes (soccer and baseball) and Barney and his wife travel all over to watch their games. Between sports and being out in the community, Barney is first and foremost built to lead and to support, and he’s hoping to have as big an impact in the region as he is with his kids.

Lindsay Taplin

Lindsay Taplin

Business Development Supervisor

With Seattle Credit Union Since: 2008
Hobbies: Traveling, snowboarding, and hiking.
Favorite Food: Cheese and ice cream
Favorite Financial Tip: It's never too early or late to start saving for retirement.

Bio: Lindsay Taplin and her husband are the parents of two very young children. She’s found that like motherhood, her job as business development supervisor requires her to focus on the needs of others—in this case, Seattle Credit Union’s partners, for whom she provides tools they need to succeed.

Lindsay manages a department that ensures that Seattle Credit Union connects with partner companies and organizations—partners that fit Seattle Credit Union’s mission to bring prosperity to every community. Often that results in her staff meeting members face-to-face away from a branch; that’s when they share financial tools and information as part of the financial education curriculum Lindsay has developed.

Working with people to achieve success comes naturally to Lindsay. Her psych degree from the University of Washington provided her with real-world clinical experience with people facing challenges. And she met many Seattle Credit Union members face-to-face as a branch representative. Both as Business Development Supervisor and out in the field, she’s gladdened that what she does makes a difference in people’s lives.

The Seattle-area native might be found snowboarding or hiking on the weekend. Lindsay has also enjoyed traveling. She won’t commit to any particular trip as a favorite, though she especially enjoyed Iceland’s landscape with glaciers and waterfalls and the energy and chaos of India. Being able to relate to people from different backgrounds and cultures is probably why Lindsay does her job so well and is helping Seattle Credit Union make a difference here in the Seattle area.

Testimonials from Our Employer Partners

Karl Weiss, Eddie Bauer

Member since Seatle, WA

I appreciate the work that Seattle Credit Union does with their outreach to our company and specifically their seminars and classes. They have come to our campus and our employees enjoy the convenience of the seminar and the financial topics.

Devony Boyle, Tom Douglas Restaurants

Member since Seattle, WA

It's been a pleasure the past few years to work with Seattle Credit Union as a SEG. They offer outstanding financial education classes and personalized service to our employees at their branches. Most importantly, everyone at Seattle Credit Union is approachable, kind & genuine making banking less stressful.

Melissa Acton-Buzzard, Chameleon Technologies

Member since Seattle, WA

Seattle Credit Union's team members are some of the best I've ever worked with. I would highly recommend partnering with Seattle Credit Union to help your staff meet their personal banking needs.

Our Current Employer Partners

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