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Your Vote Matters!

It is time again to exercise your right and duty to vote for candidates in Seattle Credit Union’s election of the Board of Directors. As a member-owned financial cooperative, we are democratically controlled. Each year, member-owners vote for those individuals who will serve as representatives of the membership on the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.

How to Vote

During the week of February 20th, 2023, you should receive a letter in the mail with your ballot, voting credentials and instructions about how to cast your vote, either online or by mail. You may have also receive an email with the instructions and login information to vote online, if we have a valid email address on file.

We have retained the services of Survey & Ballot Systems to administer the election. The emails you receive will come from them. Be sure to whitelist this email address,, to ensure you get those emails. Information shared with them is subject to Seattle Credit Union’s privacy policy and is for voting purposes only. Your vote is confidential and will at no time be shared with Seattle Credit Union staff or volunteers.

Board AND AUDIT COMMITTEE Responsibilities

Our all-volunteer Board of Directors is made of members who lend their managerial and financial expertise to help guide the direction and mission of the credit union. Democratically elected by the membership, the Board meets each month to review and evaluate all aspects of the credit union including:

  • Setting the vision for the credit union
  • Building a strategic plan
  • Approving the annual operating budget
  • Overseeing the credit union’s financial soundness and service levels

The membership also elects an independent Audit Committee to monitor the action of the Board of Directors and to review the financial and operational audits of the credit union, and to serve as the tellers of the annual election.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

To cast your vote in this year’s election, mail your ballot or vote online between Monday, February 20th, and Tuesday, March 21st, 2023. Winners will be announced at our Annual Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, March 29th.

To be eligible to vote, you must be a member in good standing at least 18 years of age as of January 1st, 2023. Individuals who hold a joint status on any account without their own membership share account are not eligible to vote. Only the first vote received from each eligible voting member, whether by mail or email, will be counted. All subsequent votes received from the same eligible voting member will be declared void.


  • Joshua Canady
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Paul Higginbotham
  • Mari Horita
  • Jonelle Johnson


  • Abbas Mirzazadeh

Learn more about this year’s candidates by reviewing the candidate profiles when you log in at


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