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We Are Seattle Credit Union

Since 1933, our diversity of experience and skill have helped us support Washingtonians on their journey to prosperity.

Did you know that today, our employees hail from 8 countries and 18 states, each one bringing unique perspectives that make our co-op stronger than ever? Despite what brought us here, our staff shared a few big things that keep us here. Things like the beautiful scenery, arts and culture, variety of activities, and career opportunities. These shared values transcend geography and capture the essence of what unites us.

Whether you're a native Seattleite or newbie, we welcome what you bring to this booming city and are proud to provide the financial products and services you need to turn your goals into reality. And we'll always work to build inclusive financial spaces for our members. 

Check out the animation above to learn more about the team that works hard every day to serve our members.


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