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Proud to Support Washington Coalition to Eliminate Farmworker Sexual Harassment

We're fortunate to meet so many organizations throughout Washington that work tirelessly to make this world a safer, more just place. One of those groups is the Washington Coalition to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Agriculture. We're actively partnering with them to amplify their important message and work.

"In the United States, 8 out of 10 farmworker women have reported they experience sexual harassment, threats and assault at their work site. It is often seen as one of the largest "silent injustices" of our time," the coalition states.

The coalition is currently working to produce an educational video series targeted to both farmworkers, supervisors, and growers. This series will teach farmworkers how to identify and report harassment, and teach growers how to build and promote a healthy worksite and support the well-being of farmworkers - especially women.

"Power and fear play a large part in victimizing all workers, but immigrant workers face even greater barriers to protecting themselves due to language, isolation, and poverty," says Victoria Breckwich Vásquez, Principal Investigator and Co-Director.

Leading a prosperous life is difficult when you don’t feel safe. We're proud to partner with this organization and others like them working to make this world a safer, more equitable place. Learn more about their important work in this Seattle Times Op-Ed.

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