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Prosperity is Not Possible Without Equity

In a recent article shared by the Seattle Foundation, 21 Progress, shines a spotlight on three leaders “working to end inequality and increase justice.” We’re proud to share that Tonita Webb, Chief Operating Officer, was recognized in his article, citing that “prosperity is not possible without equity.” Check out the article here, and take some time to learn about the work 21 Progress is doing for our communities.

21 Progress provides high-quality leadership development training and education programs that unite, develop, and empower emerging leaders – including young adults, immigrants, refugees, and people of color – to build thriving communities.

21 Progress also provides educational workshops and events where people can gather to connect and strategize about initiatives that will empower underserved and marginalized communities. They teach people how to use their voice to advocate for themselves and others, know their rights, and build and leverage partnerships.

Executive Director Mozart Guerrier and his entire team are committed to helping emerging young leaders in the greater Seattle area build a more just, equitable society. For Mr. Guerrier, one aspect of this mission entails recognizing powerful black leadership in Seattle.

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