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Our Mission to Drive Economic Inclusion and Prosperity in Seattle with CDFI Certification

Seattle, WA (October 24, 2017) – Today, Seattle Credit Union announced its recent certification by the US Treasury’s Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI) Fund, joining a nation-wide network dedicated to empowering and uplifting low-income earners and underbanked communities. This certification enables Seattle Credit Union to apply for programs and grants that can help grow and serve the Seattle community through funding of key initiatives.

“The CDFI certification is important because it opens up funds that we will reinvest in the community in meaningful ways, further serving our mission to increase access to resources for people in the communities where we do business,” said Richard Romero, Chief Executive Officer, Seattle Credit Union. “Everyone deserves the opportunity to do great things and our goal is to make sure we have the resources and the expertise available to help anyone reach their financial dreams.”

CDFI certification arms institutions with tools to help create jobs and promote financial equality within underserved communities by granting access to additional capital provided by the US Treasury. To be eligible for CDFI certification, an organization must have a primary mission of promoting community development and providing educational services in conjunction with its financing activities. Certified CDFIs may apply for awards that enable them to finance various programs like mortgage lending for new homeowners and commercial loans for businesses in low-income areas. With this certification, Seattle Credit Union joins a network of over a thousand CDFI certified institutions across the nation, all dedicated to helping their respective communities thrive.

Most recently, Seattle Credit Union unveiled a simplified name, new branch design and logo to better align with its vision of being Seattle’s partner in growth and prosperity. Last month, Seattle Credit Union earned Low Income Designation from the National Credit Union Administration, allowing it to serve low-income, financially underserved Seattleites in a variety of new ways. It also offers a low-interest loan program to immigrants in Seattle, helping alleviate the financial barriers they often face when applying to become U.S. citizens. Alongside these programs, CDFI certification further underscores Seattle Credit Union’s purpose of helping all Seattleites prosper financially by providing additional resources for investment.

For more information on CDFI, visit the CDFI Fund page at

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