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Member Story: Rob, Member Since 2016

Rob and his wife watched the ultrasound screen rapt with anticipation for updates from their doctor about their expected newborn. The California couple received surprising news from the doctor that they would not only be adding one, but two, healthy babies to their family.

As the dust settled, Rob and his wife set out to financially plan for the twin dynamic they would soon welcome into their household with open arms.

Twins meant they would need two sets of everything. From diapers, strollers, and cribs to car seats and high chairs, Rob prepared the list of items he would need for his growing family, including more space for his family to grow, which resulted in a hometown move from California to Washington State.

The family also needed a safe, reliable vehicle that would better fit their needs.

“My wife researched every possible financial option to get us into a bigger car. Seattle Credit Union had the best loan rates and great reviews. They made it so easy.”

Rob and his wife always thought they were too cool for a minivan but now appreciate that it has eased going places with all the girls’ gear.

They also transferred their credit card to Seattle Credit Union and were able to cut their interest rate in half, providing around $1,000 a year in savings just by being members.

For Rob and his family, the switch to Seattle Credit Union is more than a new car and $1,000 in savings. They are able to confidently take their girls on roadtrips, adventures, and casual drives around the Pacific Northwest. They are able to invest more in their family’s growth and future – their hopes and dreams.

Rob’s story is just one example of how Seattle Credit Union partners alongside members to help them prosper.

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