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Member Story: Meet Veronica

Veronica, entrepreneur and owner of Charlies Buns N Stuff. Veronica and her team roam around Seattle, Redmond, and Bellevue in their food trucks serving up locally-sourced burgers, cheesesteaks, and tasty sides. When Veronica needed business products and services to start and expand her business, we were eager to answer the call. We feel privileged to take care of her banking, so she can take care of her business. Veronica always dreamed of being her own boss and she knew she had the smarts, drive, and discipline to be successful. With her mom’s help, Veronica opened her first hot dog cart and named it Charlie’s Dog House, after her Yorkshire Terrier. The cart was a success and Veronica quickly expanded to more carts, then a food truck, then two trucks, then a storefront. While she eventually sold the first storefront, Veronica is working to open another, likely in Burien.

Veronica, inspired by her mother who is also a member of the credit union, became a member before she started her business. In fact, Veronica has for years developed a close relationship with Dawn, a representative at the Southcenter branch.

Veronica shares, “When I think of Seattle Credit Union, I think of Dawn.” When Veronica needed tailored business products and services to start and then expand her business, she didn’t even consider going to a big bank. Years later, business is booming. The best parts for Veronica? She can take care of her mother who has unconditionally supported her over the years, she strengthens the local economy by buying from local grocers and employing local residents, and she gets to do what she loves – and be her own boss – everyday. Seattle Credit Union was instrumental in her success. We took care of her banking, so she could take care of her business.

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