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Member Story: David & Viki, Members since 1978

For Seattle Credit Union members David and Viki it meant seeking wider, more open, outdoor space in the land of eagles and orcas. The married couple ditched big city life in Seattle for a simpler one in Port Townsend. Full of beautiful, natural scenery at the northeast tip of the Olympic Peninsula known for its Victorian buildings, annual cultural events, and maritime activity.

Wanting to be close to nature and shed some material constraints, David and Viki hired a local architect to help design their dream home: smaller, energy-efficient, and in-sync with their natural surroundings. Later, they applied for a mortgage loan.

“One credit union gave us the run-around. That’s when we called Seattle Credit Union, and the experience was entirely different,” the couple shared. “Not all credit unions are the same. Some behave like big banks. Seattle Credit Union takes cooperation and customer service to another level.”

With the assistance of their Seattle Credit Union Loan Officer serving as their advocate, David and Viki were able to decide quickly and receive a loan for more than they asked for, at a rate significantly lower than other banks and credit unions.

David and Viki are living the life they dreamed about, happy in their new home surrounded by trails and appreciating every sunset as it comes. All of us at Seattle Credit Union are glad to be a part of their path to prosperity.

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