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Member Profile: Kim

As the legal guardian of her three grandkids, 10, 8, and 4, Kim’s top priority is to ensure they have a good, stable life. Kim works from home as a paralegal and in 2013, purchased a Subaru Outback to more safely transport the kids to school, extra-curricular activities, and various doctor appointments. Despite good credit, her interest rate was high, and making those payments was tough. She was just getting by month-to-month.

A Seattle Credit Union ad for low interest auto refinancing caught her attention. She inquired, and never looked back. “Within a few days, I’d been approved at an interest rate of 3.24%. Seattle Credit Union reps were amazing—they helped me close the loan without having to leave my home,” said Kim.

Kim has worked from home since 1988, due in part to a disability that keeps her from walking a lot. Until the kids came to live with her, she considered herself financially ‘comfortable.’ With three extra mouths to feed, every dollar makes a difference. To make sure they have the support they need during the day to succeed and thrive, Kim often works in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed.

Kim's grandkids sitting at the backyard picnic table.
Kim's kids sitting at the backyard picnic table.

Now a happy Seattle Credit Union member, Kim saves nearly $100 a month on her car payment, which gives her the flexibility to put away a bit each month after paying bills. Back on track financially, this monthly savings means Kim takes comfort in her financial stability, and the kids get to “be kids”—learning kid-sized lessons like the consequences of climbing a tree and falling out, or picking up a crab and getting pinched. She loves giving them purpose and direction, and will offer words of caution, but she also gives them space and lets them learn through experience.

The family has since taken weekend trips to the San Juan Islands, Ocean Shores, and to see out-of-town family and friends. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the best memories, like a three-day trip to Orcas Island. Never having taken a ferry ride, they loved watching the water pass beneath the boat, were awed by the island’s scenic landscape, hiked Mt. Constitution, and as adventurous eaters, sampled raw oysters and tried duck for the first time.

The oldest, Micah, loves sports, especially basketball and soccer, but he’ll play any sport with a ball. He also loves video games, and enjoys math, music, and PE at school. Grace loves to dance, sing, and act, and has performed in a few school plays. At school, she’s also a fan of her music classes, but enjoys art and social studies, too. Her school offers mentorship programs, so she’s quick to help both her teacher and the younger students. Her dream? To be a model, and Kim thinks she’ll make it one day. Chance, a preschooler, loves his Legos and anything to do with cars, and has a kid-sized electric “Harley”. They’re a pretty tight group, lovers of cuddles and hugs, sociable, and active. They all love swimming, painting, and best of all, exploring. They’re even saving some of their allowance for a trip to Disneyland in the next year or two.

While Kim never imagined she’d again raise young children, she knows it was ultimately a gift for all of them. She said, “I received the biggest blessing. I thought I was done with babies when these kids’ mom grew out of diapers. I got to do it three more times, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.”

Kim’s story is a prime example of prosperity beyond money. You can see Kim’s story in our Burien branch, or watch this video to hear her words.

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