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How to Avoid Overdraft Fees

Whenever you make a payment from your checking account, it’s a good idea to have enough funds in your account to cover it to avoid overdraft fees and returned payments. Here are some strategies that can help you do that.

Monitor your account regularly

Seattle Credit Union gives you the tools to monitor your accounts. Checking on your account status is simple and easy to do with the Seattle Credit Union mobile app (Apple or Android) or Online Banking. Text banking is also available.  

Activate Bill Pay

Bill Pay is a free and secure way to pay any bill without writing a check. To start paying your bills online, log into your account via Online Banking and select ‘Bill Pay’.

Set up text alerts for low balances

The low balance alert will send you a text message anytime your account dips below the amount you’ve set for the account. To enroll, follow these steps to set up text banking.

Use direct deposit

Ensure you get your money as quickly as possible by having your paycheck electronically deposited into your account. Signing up for direct deposit with your employer is quick and easy. Generally, you can provide your account number and Seattle Credit Union routing number to your employer to begin your direct deposits. (Seattle Credit Union’s routing number is 325081500.)

Take advantage of Anytime Skip-A-Pay

If you have a car, boat, RV or personal loan with Seattle Credit Union, take advantage of our Anytime Skip-A-Pay program if the loan payment will make that month's budget too tight. 

Link to another account with Account LINK

Account Link will automatically pull funds for you from another Seattle Credit Union savings, money market or line of credit account, at a lower fee of $5, to save you from the headache of a returned check or electronic transaction.

What ARE Overdraft SERVICES and how do THEY help?

Overdraft Services protect you if you accidentally overdraw your checking account. When your account is protected by SafetyNet, instead of rejecting the transaction, Seattle Credit Union may draw your account negative to make sure your transaction isn't returned. For instance, paying rent, your credit card, your mortgage, etc. Basically any payment that might have a higher fee or impact on your interest rate for being late on a payment, than the $28 overdraft fee. You can also opt-in to have SafetyNet ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions covered. Visit any of our branches or log into Online Banking to add or remove SafetyNet and SafetyNet ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions.

Learn More about Overdraft Services


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For additional details about Account Link, Overdraft Services, and our Checking accounts, please review these helpful documents.

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