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Employee Spotlight: Meet Elizer

Elizer (pronounced El-zer) may not have a sidekick named Watson, but his work over the last four years on the Operations team may remind you of Sherlock Holmes.

Elizer reviews remote deposit transactions for errors or suspicious activity, ensures our software reads transactions correctly, examines wire transactions, and watches for overall fraud. He also looks for opportunities to improve processes like skip-a-pay and check transactions, and GL reconciliation.

Outside of work, you can find him coaching youth basketball with the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association. The program gives kids a safe afterschool activity that teaches them the value of teamwork and commitment. This season, Elizer’s working with a team called The G.O.A.T.S (Greatest Of All Time).

“When I first started coaching, I was like, these guys are knuckleheads,” Elizer laughs. “I couldn’t get them to listen.” Three years in, Elizer has learned how to earn the trust and respect of his teams. Each season, those “knuckleheads” mature into hardworking, confident young men.

Chief among the many lessons Elizer imparts is the importance of helping others. “You can make all the money in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have a positive impact on other people’s lives,” he says. “At the end of the day, that’s what makes me happy – helping someone out. I teach this to the team.”

Off the court, our members – and indeed the entire organization – benefit from Elizer’s mindset and commitment to making a positive impact on others.   

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