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Donating Dos & Don’ts This Holiday Season

For many of us holiday shopping comes with the holiday season, but what if your closets are too full to add more? Or, maybe your little one is not so little anymore, and you have extra baby clothes and toys that need a new home. If you’re looking to downsize and give a second chance to gently-used items, here is a resource for you to find a spot to donate them to others that might need them.

Places to Donate

Donating Dos

  • Wash or dry-clean clothing before donating
  • Test electrical equipment and battery-operated items
  • Include fresh batteries with electronics
  • Include all pieces and parts to children’s games and toys

Donating Don’ts

  • Do not donate soiled or ruined items
  • Do not give items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet current safety standards. For more information, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission (

Have extra food?

If you prefer to donate food to your local food bank, select shelf-stable food with the lowest saturated fats and refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour). Check the food bank nearest you for drop-off details and more suggested items.

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