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Black Banking Network reflects on Black History Month

While Seattle Credit Union is committed to celebrating Black history year-round, we want to use this month to spotlight some of our Black employees and leaders. Today, we are highlighting some of our Black Banking Network members as they reflect on the significance of Black History Month and who has inspired them.


Othellon Jones


Othellon, Branch Representative

“I like to spend Black history month focusing on reflection and progression. Reflecting on what It really means to be an African-American and how my ancestor was an integral part of American history. I also reflect on being a 1st generation family member who didn't experience any slavery, segregation or Jim crow laws. I'm grateful for the progression of equality being made in the past 70 years. I can clearly see the steps that this great nation has taken when I look at organizations such as SCU."


James Washington


James, Branch Supervisor

“For me Black History Month is a moment for African Americans to be spotlighted on a national level during the full month of February for our achievements and accomplishments that we have contributed to U.S. History. I believe that the mention of Black History Month in the media can move others around the world to do their own research into the history books to see our great contributions for themselves."



 Shayla Blanche


Shayla, Branch Manager

“Black History Month is important to me because You must know where you came from in order to gain the strength and knowledge needed to navigate the future!"



Khalfani Jones


Khalfani, Small Business Resource Manager

“My favorite way to spend Black History month is learning and recounting our historical achievements from the past. It's important to revisit our yesterday's and attempt to find lost historical information that isn't commonly shared. It educates me on where we come from and allows me to get a better sense of the path I'm going down"​


 Taj Benford


Taj Benford, Branch Manager

“Black History Month is so significant to me and my culture. I celebrate both past and present cultural figures who are resilient, influential and powerful. Those who were set up for failure but still manage(d) to be successful and formulate triumphant legacies with purpose. I find inspiration when reflecting the backgrounds from Black societal underdogs like Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Jean Michel Basquiat, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou and so many more."



 Jenefeness Tucker


Jenefeness, VP of Community Relations & Public Affairs

“I love February and Black History Month! It always feels like my birthday is all month long. I feel respected, recognized, valued, seen and heard. Mr. Roy Clay Sr. is my newest #black hero. I had no idea what it meant for him to be the Godfather of Silicon Valley and everything he endured for #blacksintech, #Blackstem and #Blackscientist. He literally saved our lives with the UL rating on electrical equipment and paved the way for the #ProfessionalNegro with all the work he has done at HP. I was honored to hear his living legacy form his sons at the Third Annual Black-Owned Business Excellence Symposium."



 Mele Miller


Mele, Chief Operating Officer

“My favorite way to spend Black History Month is to celebrate the individuality, talent, intelligence, and vibe of the four incredible Black men in my life. That includes my husband and three beautiful Black boys. Their joy means everything to me!"​

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