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Benefits of Riding and Tips for Financing Your First Bicycle

Cycling has and continues to grow as an important mode of transportation in our city and throughout the Pacific Northwest. As Seattle traffic increases and public transportation options expand, the opportunity to utilize bike lanes has made it easier than ever to make cycling a part of a healthy lifestyle (Seattle Bike Map Here). In addition to adding a new daily activity to your routine, purchasing a bike can also save you money compared to the cost of driving — AAA’s Your Driving Costs study estimates that owning and operating a new vehicle costs an average of $706 per month.

Calculate your own costs here.

Health Perks of Riding a Bike

  • Low impact: Less strain on your joints results in fewer injuries than other types of exercise.
  • Good for strength and stamina: Cycling increases stamina, strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  • You set the pace: Depending on the route and the gear you select, the intensity of cycling can be as low or high as you want.
  • Time-saver: Instead of sitting in traffic in a car or on the bus to go to the gym, cycling replaces that sedentary (sitting) time with a healthy activity.
  • It’s FUN! Cycling takes you outdoors in the fresh air and the thrill of coasting down hills will bring you back for more.

Bike Essentials To Budget For

  • Bike (Low: $80-$300 I Medium: $300-$1,000 I High $1,000+ I Electric: $1500-$4000)
  • Helmet (Between $70 and $150)
  • Mini Repair Kit + Repair Expenses (Adding air to tires, lube the chain, local bike shop tune-ups, etc.) (Roughly $50)
  • Lock (Between $20 and $60+)
  • Lights, mirrors, turn signals (Around $80)
  • Bags (Between $20 and $100+)
  • Weather gear ($0-$200+)
  • Toiletry kit ($10)
  • Emergency cash for when you need to take the bus ($20)

Ready to start biking? We have a variety of local bike shops ready to help answer your questions and find the right bike for you. Whether it’s a new bike, electric bike or new-to-you bicycle, we’ll help you decide how best to finance your bike and gear.

Our friendly lending representatives will keep you on-budget with Seattle Credit Union’s competitive loan rates. Feel secure in your financing decision and the gear you’ve chosen.

Bikes can be expensive, ranging from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars. If you need help getting the bike you need to get on the road, or your family is begging you for a whole new fleet, talk to us. Seattle Credit Union has personal loans with lower rates than you'll find at some of the big finance companies. We can run the numbers for you to see how much bike you can afford and help you go from frustrated car commuter to certified bike boss. Give us a call at 855.575.9352 to get started.

Where can I buy a bicycle?




Beacon Hill

Downtown Seattle






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