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BALANCE: Free Service for Financial Fitness

For a lot of people, becoming financially fit is tough – and even more difficult to maintain. At some point in life, everyone faces financial challenges. Helping you become savvy financial consumers is an important part of why Seattle Credit Union exists. Whether it’s paying off debt, getting back on track after a financial crisis, or even learning to build a budget to save for important goals like a college education or new home, BALANCE is an ally on the path to financial stability.

BALANCE is a free service for all Seattle Credit Union members that provides:

Financial education (articles, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, etc.)

Resources (income, debt, and loan calculators, toolkits, etc.)

• Access to attorneys

• Coaching from professional, third-party counselors on:

  • Debt and budget
  • Credit report reviews
  • Student loans and Homeownership
  • Bankruptcy

• Services are offered in Spanish both online and over-the-phone.

Check out this free service onlineor toll free at 888.456.2227. If you are having difficulty paying off a Seattle Credit Union loan, please talk with our Member Solutions team at 206.398.5757. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have about BALANCE and how it can help you become financially fit.

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